Roca Bathrooms is definitely a major international bathroom make whom has around eighteen thousand seven hundred employees, maintains seventy one production factories and is actually present across even more than 135 market segments across 5 continents. Roca produces bathroom products and solutions through development together with applied science enabling Roca to be able to denote bathroom spaces and consequently emerge as a great resource within the community associated with design.

Roca Bathrooms Meridian N Compact Suite

The elegant Roca Bathrooms Meridian-N Compact Bathroom Suite

Roca spends greatly on the development of their products in all their lines of operation, together with focus on positioning towards customers along with the purpose of improving upon their quality and comfort of everyday living. It’s really a dedication to the consumer that goes past making and promoting quality products. Roca Bathrooms studies the requirements, tendencies, routines as well as socio-cultural inclinations demonstrated throughout contemporary society, while using the outcomes of this research to adapt its offerings towards latest demands that emerge to the market.

Because of the company’s persistent research, Roca Bathrooms is actually developing a future where creation plus innovation are joined. Roca’s partnerships with exclusive developers, architects in addition to internal designers like Rafael Moneo,David Chipperfield, Herzog & de Meuron and Schmidt & Lackner, and the like, has additionally added to its achievements and the world wide company it has become currently.

Their whole revolutionary strategy for the worlds existing ecological factors have in effect led to an extraordinary system referred to as the W&W. This has been created by foremost architects, Gabrielle & Oscar Buratti.

Roca Bathrooms W+W Toilet and Basin

Ther revolutionary Roca Bathrooms W+W Toilet and Basin

This incomparable L form of the Roca W+W brings together the waste water as a result of hand cleaning, filtering to subsequently be harnessed for flushing water to the cistern, making this a great reliable environmental design. Considering that it also has gained awards world over, we are not the only people which really enjoy this awesome product from Roca.

One more unique product from Roca Bathrooms is the completely new decorative furniture bath tub panel, this comes in 3 colours, beige, brown and black, they’ve got a built-in feature which is a newspaper holder superbly moulded in to the figure of the actual panel, with this particular type of comfort, Roca are seriously spoiling you for option!

Their usual collections of sanitary ware include traditional styling which includes the Roca Georgia, New Classical, up to the more trendy ranges from the Veranda with its smooth sleek lines to the happening with curves, together with a real choice, you will find there’s bound to be a specific thing to fit your preferences.