Unfortunately as a result of the manufacturing approach and also the availability of Roca Toilet Seat Hinges(blank) you might well find yourself needing to obtain a full Roca Toilet Seat. Even when you are able to locate replacement hinges for the particular Roca Toilet Design; the actual price saving on the new Roca Toilet Seat could make the idea not beneficial.

Positive factors of a completely new Roca Toilet Seat

Should you realise you are in such a scenario, really give consideration to the benefits of a whole Roca Toilet Seat ahead of opting for the only slightly less expensive hinge pack.

  • Each of the elements will definitely be new and unpolluted
  • No need to disassemble the current Roca Toilet Seat
  • The aged Roca Toilet seat can be thrown away
  • Health especially if you have recently moved in to a new home

It is strongly advised to obtain the official Roca Toilet Seat for any Roca Toilet to ensure the overall look of your precious suite remains as intended, many cheaper third-party toilet seats cannot give a good fit and may frequently seem uncomfortable and not be a suitable colour match.


Tips for Keeping your Roca Toilet Seat Hinges looking like New

A typical issue individuals experience with virtually any make of toilet seat will be the toilet seat hinges can become discoloured or even tarnished over a lengthy amount of time. Most hinges including those on a Roca Toilet Seat are plastic material with a Chrome Surface texture; you should take this into account when making use of any kind of cleansing agents as they might spoil the finish.

Chemical substances anticipated to be applied to the porcelain of your toilet pan and toilet seat should not be applied to toilet seat hinges. A lot of these chemicals, if left for longer periods of time can irreparably corrode the chrome surface.

To eliminate these kind of consequences we strongly recommend leaving the cleaning up of the toilet seat hinges to very last and using anti-bacterial wipes or similar items specifically designed for cleaning plastic materials. This ensures any kind of chemicals used to thoroughly clean the pan or seat is going to be removed from the hinges.

We also advise cleaning up your Roca Toilet Seat and the hinges on a regular basis for hygiene purposes and in order to make sure the hinges do not have any kind of contaminants that may additionally wear away the chrome surface finish.


If you’re hesitant which toilet seat you need, have a look through the entire present Roca Toilet Seat Styles.