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Unfortunately as a result of the manufacturing approach and also the availability of Roca Toilet Seat Hinges(blank) you might well find yourself needing to obtain a full Roca Toilet Seat. Even when you are able to locate replacement hinges for the particular Roca Toilet Design; the actual price saving on the new Roca Toilet Seat could make the idea not beneficial.

Positive factors of a completely new Roca Toilet Seat

Should you realise you are in such a scenario, really give consideration to the benefits of a whole Roca Toilet Seat ahead of opting for the only slightly less expensive hinge pack.

  • Each of the elements will definitely be new and unpolluted
  • No need to disassemble the current Roca Toilet Seat
  • The aged Roca Toilet seat can be thrown away
  • Health especially if you have recently moved in to a new home

It is strongly advised to obtain the official Roca Toilet Seat for any Roca Toilet to ensure the overall look of your precious suite remains as intended, many cheaper third-party toilet seats cannot give a good fit and may frequently seem uncomfortable and not be a suitable colour match.


Tips for Keeping your Roca Toilet Seat Hinges looking like New

A typical issue individuals experience with virtually any make of toilet seat will be the toilet seat hinges can become discoloured or even tarnished over a lengthy amount of time. Most hinges including those on a Roca Toilet Seat are plastic material with a Chrome Surface texture; you should take this into account when making use of any kind of cleansing agents as they might spoil the finish.

Chemical substances anticipated to be applied to the porcelain of your toilet pan and toilet seat should not be applied to toilet seat hinges. A lot of these chemicals, if left for longer periods of time can irreparably corrode the chrome surface.

To eliminate these kind of consequences we strongly recommend leaving the cleaning up of the toilet seat hinges to very last and using anti-bacterial wipes or similar items specifically designed for cleaning plastic materials. This ensures any kind of chemicals used to thoroughly clean the pan or seat is going to be removed from the hinges.

We also advise cleaning up your Roca Toilet Seat and the hinges on a regular basis for hygiene purposes and in order to make sure the hinges do not have any kind of contaminants that may additionally wear away the chrome surface finish.


If you’re hesitant which toilet seat you need, have a look through the entire present Roca Toilet Seat Styles.


Consider carefully in advance of when purchasing and installing bathroom tiles, this could help to make or break your new bathroom installment, whenever organized not to mention installed in the correct way the entire setup will appear successful and also high quality making a general superior quality experience through ground to ceiling, the actual sanitaryware or even shower fixtures will then supplement this entire feel with the bathroom tiles, nevertheless terribly mounted bathroom tiles will deliver an insufficient over-all look and feel, this makes the complete bathroom installment look and feel bad and this will furthermore reflect badly on the showering & sanitaryware products fitted and can offer general perception of the apparent less than ideal Do it yourself installation.

As a result of vast range of wall and floor bathroom tiles currently available, you will have many unique styles and colourings from which to select, there are various varieties of elements to select from not to mention many grades of tile, this really is a guide to the installation of ceramic wall bathroom tiles exclusively, not travertine, porcelain and so forth ..

Compute exactly how many square metres you want by measuring just the peak of your room together with multiplying by the width of every wall, carry out each wall one by one after which add the volume of every single wall together, inside a normal size bathroom do not subtract anything at all for the door or window as this in most cases covers the actual waste materials you are likely to shed by way of the cut bathroom tiles, it will change from room to room as well as length and width of tile nonetheless permit 10% in general, the majority of tile retail stores will sell complete boxes and allow returning of complete boxes to have a reimbursement when returned inside a reasonable time.

You will have to calculate the linear metre width of your bathroom to calculate how many bathroom border tiles you need. Ceramic tiles will be the most popular or conventional style of wall or floor bathroom tiles, all of these can also be rated by hardness / wear, this gives the end user or installer to gauge if the tiles are going to be suitable for use on the floor besides the wall space or if perhaps suited to commercial installations. Common every day bathroom wall tiles are normally classified as a low hardness grade and so are well suited for use on walls only and so unsuitable for use on the ground, however some higher grade tiles may be used for the walls and also the floor, the hardness of your tile is frequently associated with how often or the length of time the tile continues to be fired for in the kiln while becoming produced at the manufacturing plant.

You’ll also have to order bathroom tiles trims for surrounding window areas and then any boxing inside the bathroom, I would suggest to order this at the same time as the tiles to make sure you have a corresponding colour, also get the tile adhesive and grout at the same occasion, the shop will probably advise you on the appropriate items as well as volumes required

Instruments Essential to Carry out your Bathroom Tiles Installment

  • Ceramic tile cutter
  • Wet Electric Tile Cutter (Not always essential)
  • Tile snipers
  • Adhesive spreader
  • Tile File
  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil
  • Felt-tip Pen
  • Tile spacers
  • Tape Measure
  • Grout Spreader
  • Grout Rake
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Dry BuffingLlint Free Cloths
  • Straight edges (number based on size of room)

Beginning Steps

First off any walls must be flat, clean and dust free all of the walls must be free from wallpaper and almost any decorated types of surface may need to wind up being prepared together with a primer so that the adhesive truly does adhere to your surface area, depending upon the adhesive you made the choice to utilise be certain that you actually observe the manufacturers instructions on the spine of the tube as this can differ depending on the manufacturer, numerous adhesives need to have every walls to always be primed, quite a few manufacturer will not require anything to get primed as this is already built into the polymers of the adhesive. I would personally also remove any skirting boards and so the wall tiles finish off against the floor.

Organizing Your own Bathroom Tiles

This is actually the essential stage of bathroom tiling, rather than just starting off from a single corner of your bathroom using a entire tile and wishing for the best, take the required time in planning where each individual bathroom tile is going to be fixed, when mounted correctly they will be on the wall for ages.

Planning Your Bathroom Tiles Vertically

First off work out how your tiles will look from your floor to your ceiling, design the vertical placement of the bathroom tiles. If you are using a border tile next, I would definitely highly recommend to set a single border tile yourself up against the wall and next marking over the wall by using a pencil if possible in the places you would really like the top of it, usually this is contingent on the window, normally the particular border tile will run under the window sill or into the window reveal. Upon having marked this position of the border tile on your bathroom wall you will need to take the height measurement from your basic wall tile and calculate from this pencil mark just how the finished wall would most likely appear vertically, perfectly you’re looking for a large cut at the very top and a large cut at the bottom of your room and if achievable to appear even, small tile cuts below 40mm look not good and tend to be more complicated to handle and fix when compared with more substantial bathroom tiles.

When you have established the height of your border tile and decided on the size of the cut on the top and bottom of your wall make sure to work out the correct way a lot of these cut will relate to any sanitaryware or shower products inside the room, examine the bottom cut against any shower tray to ensure that it doesn’t result in any thin cut, assuming you have a bath inside the room, make sure just how the tile around the bath might look and if this does not appear appropriate you may have to lower or higher the border height to give a true impressive completed look.

When you’re satisfied with the positioning of the border tile together with the top and bottom cuts you will want to mark a horizontal line spanning every one of the walls utilizing a spirit level the spot where the border tile shall be installed. This must be conducted accurately to ensure that the line around the very last wall meets up perfectly with all the line around the 1st wall, it is a error to begin the process tiling your bathroom without having done this initially as a tiny mistake along with the level can now suggest once you conclude tiling the final wall the grout lines won’t meet with all the initial wall you tiled!

So now measure the number of complete bathroom tiles you are wanting to fix along with the grout spacers down below the border line, when you have worked this out you will need to secure the straight edges when using the spirit level on the wall particularly at the level where the very first complete tile from the floor will be fixed along at the skirting board level, the idea is that you may start fixing full tiles from this since it will keep the weight of your own tiles and then every one of the bottom cut tiles should be fitted last. Now plan horizontally!

Preparing Horizontally

Determine the center of your bathroom wall at waistline height mark a small pencil line, then mark the middle of your wall tile by using a pencil now hold the mark within the wall tile against the mark on the wall and analyze what is the dimensions of the cut is going to be for the left hand size and the right hand size in the event your tile would be to be fixed right here, both of them ought to be the exact same If this isn’t going to give a adequate cut then support the top right of the wall tiles up against the line on the wall and establish the size of the cut to the left, this should be a larger cut.

Upon having chosen the horizontal position for the very first wall then mark a level line vertically straight down the full height of your wall to ensure you have got a line to help you, this now needs to be replicated on all of the walls inside the room.

Seal the Bath & Shower Tray

Before you tile all around your bath I recommend to fill it full of standard water and after that silicone seal the bath up against the plaster wall very first allow for seal to dry prior to , emptying the bath, tile surrounding the bath and after that reiterate the sealing process, you’ll accomplish a dual seal surrounding the bath, also the weight of the water within the bath will stop the seal breaking up when it is used. Always use an anti- fungal sealant; the more costly Dow Corning brand appears to be Sophisticated in comparison to the low cost un-branded available. This also applies to shower trays but since these can not be filled with water then I would certainly suggest leaving something hefty on it overnight as your silicone sets.

Before you begin Tiling your Bathroom

Make sure to tile behind the washbasin or Toilet Pan & Cistern as the total tiled finish is 100% better than endeavoring to cut the tiles round a formed object, it never looks effective, If it’s a total new bathroom venture ask the plumbing technician to take out these products and come back to refit them after the tiling has been completed, if this is possibly not possible or is existing bathroom suite then I would highly recommend releasing the wall fixing so there’s enough room to slide the bathroom tiles behind.

Begin Tiling your Bathroom

Now every one of the walls have already been marked out by pencil lines and the straight edges are already secured you can start tiling. Utilising the notched edge tile spreader put on approximately 1 metre of adhesive each time to the wall starting on one side on the vertical line making sure it may be seen to line the edge of the tile from, at this point sit down every single tile on the straight edge and employ pressure so the tile adheres towards the spread adhesive on the wall make sure you use tile spacers on each corner to guarantee the vertical and horizontal spaces are exactly the same.

Each time you have put on a hand full of bathroom tiles put the level to the glazed front of the tiles to verify the tiles are situated level vertically in order to be certain that they aren’t leaning away or leaning into the wall. Proceed tiling along the straight edges and working up to the ceiling height, you will need to estimate each cut and apply in a similar manner.

Your plain bathroom tiles must be marked using a felt pen and then be lined up in a tile cutter, this will generally provide a superior smooth edge so the tile can be fixed to the wall without delay, having said that with regards to the border tile style I would personally encourage to smoothing each and every cut border tile by filing the rough edge leftover to give a much better finish. The glass borders really should be scored no less than 3 to 4 instances to make sure that they just do not break, sometimes it is preferable to score them and then place them via a wet cutter machine to get a most suitable finish.

Constantly get rid of any specific wet adhesive from the surface of the bathroom tiles by using a sponge or cloth prior to it dries out as it would be way more difficult to get rid of when set, permit the put on adhesive / tiles to dry before removing the straight edge assistance, you’ll be able to fix the bottom row of cuts all over the bathroom


When the adhesive has dried and you’ve got washed any extra adhesives on the top of the wall tiles and taken away all tile spaces you are ready to grout. Blend the powdered grout inside of a thoroughly clean bucket adopting the manufacturers guidelines and when ready put on the grout towards the tiled surface while using the grout spreader, press the grout in the breaks in between each tile once you focus on one region at the same time you can clean the bathroom tiles down by using a sponge or cloth when you distribute, once again to ensure that the grout doesn’t dry in. Once the grout has begun to set it is time to use the grout rake, this will take out surplus grout from each and every joint and make a level smooth grout line on each and every joint, when you are raking the grout remove the excess grout and smooth the joint over with a cloth or sponge until you get a high quality finish. Do not grout the interior tiled corners of the bathroom, this will certainly must be sealed using silicone sealant as expansion and contraction of your bathroom and then any drying movement will crack the grout.


After the grout has dried the bathroom tiles will require buffing up, to clear away any surplus dried grout residue, the best option is to apply several dry soft cloths and following two or three total polishes the general pro finish should be accomplished, it is as of this period the final sealant surrounding the bath, shower and internal room corners needs to be put on.
This post has been written by Nationwide Bathrooms, whom offer you a great array of Bathroom Tiles all around the United kingdom along with every thing else you may require for your brand new bathroom.

Your personal bathroom should be the finest location to have quiet time at the end of a day, your personal getaway away from the fast paced modern world, implement the below stages and you will then prepare bathrooms designs which will satisfy all of your demands.

If you are wishing to refurbish your bathrooms designs consider the following; it must be user-friendly,easy maintainable making additional time to experience your bathroom, have the wow factor, not only for yourself , but for all family and friends that might use the bathroom and above all satisfy your existence.

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Roca Bathrooms is definitely a major international bathroom make whom has around eighteen thousand seven hundred employees, maintains seventy one production factories and is actually present across even more than 135 market segments across 5 continents. Roca produces bathroom products and solutions through development together with applied science enabling Roca to be able to denote bathroom spaces and consequently emerge as a great resource within the community associated with design.

Roca Bathrooms Meridian N Compact Suite

The elegant Roca Bathrooms Meridian-N Compact Bathroom Suite

Roca spends greatly on the development of their products in all their lines of operation, together with focus on positioning towards customers along with the purpose of improving upon their quality and comfort of everyday living. It’s really a dedication to the consumer that goes past making and promoting quality products. Roca Bathrooms studies the requirements, tendencies, routines as well as socio-cultural inclinations demonstrated throughout contemporary society, while using the outcomes of this research to adapt its offerings towards latest demands that emerge to the market.

Because of the company’s persistent research, Roca Bathrooms is actually developing a future where creation plus innovation are joined. Roca’s partnerships with exclusive developers, architects in addition to internal designers like Rafael Moneo,David Chipperfield, Herzog & de Meuron and Schmidt & Lackner, and the like, has additionally added to its achievements and the world wide company it has become currently.

Their whole revolutionary strategy for the worlds existing ecological factors have in effect led to an extraordinary system referred to as the W&W. This has been created by foremost architects, Gabrielle & Oscar Buratti.

Roca Bathrooms W+W Toilet and Basin

Ther revolutionary Roca Bathrooms W+W Toilet and Basin

This incomparable L form of the Roca W+W brings together the waste water as a result of hand cleaning, filtering to subsequently be harnessed for flushing water to the cistern, making this a great reliable environmental design. Considering that it also has gained awards world over, we are not the only people which really enjoy this awesome product from Roca.

One more unique product from Roca Bathrooms is the completely new decorative furniture bath tub panel, this comes in 3 colours, beige, brown and black, they’ve got a built-in feature which is a newspaper holder superbly moulded in to the figure of the actual panel, with this particular type of comfort, Roca are seriously spoiling you for option!

Their usual collections of sanitary ware include traditional styling which includes the Roca Georgia, New Classical, up to the more trendy ranges from the Veranda with its smooth sleek lines to the happening with curves, together with a real choice, you will find there’s bound to be a specific thing to fit your preferences.

Imperial Westminster

Westminster Bathroom Suite from Imperial Bathrooms

The Westminster Bathroom Suite from Imperial Bathrooms

Imperial Westminster Bathroom Suite; A timeless classic of soft but angular range of bathroom products. The versatility of this collection is endless. Basins are available in a number of sizes and styles with full pedestals or semi pedestal, under slung basin or cloakroom wall hung basin 1-3TH. The Westminster slab basin is of a good size, it is grand and opulent, choose from six wash stands ranging from gold, chrome, natural oak and wenge to complement it. It looks spectacular in them all! To compliment these basins high/low flush or close coupled toilets with ceramic levers gold or chrome can be purchased enhanced by soft closing or standard hinges gold or chrome solid wood seats. A bidet completes the range.

Apple iPad can now be used while having a Bath

Relax in your luxurious bath and suf the web on an iPad

We couldn’t resist letting the ipad out of the bag, (sorry about the pun).

In past you may have read a book in the bath, some might have a bathroom radio, but the next stage is to surf the web. That’s right, with this new accessory for Apple’s iPad 2 you can safely use your iPad in the Bath, maybe even in the shower but then again your hands will probably be busy with the job at hand.

The TrendyDigital WaterGuard waterproof case for the Apple iPad 2 is the only iPad case that you can be sure to keep your new computer warm and dry when in or near the water (though hopefully not too warm). The case is available from Amazon, simply search for ‘TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case’

The Bath shown is the luxurious Excelsior Free Standing Bath from BC Designs.

If anyone has any other strange things you get up to in the bath let us know, keep it clean though (sorry again).

Imperial Bathrooms
Imperial Bathrooms  provide the most interesting selection of Traditional and Contemporary ranges available at present. Latest Imperial Bathroom ranges include Drift, Amena, Bergier, Etoile which provide sanitaryware to compliment any property.

Imperial Bathrooms

A touch of class with Imperial Bathrooms

They have years of experience at manufacturing the best quality traditional pieces, and they have grown their reputation by producing you the best UK production with the best in timeless style and design.

The pottery from Imperial Bathrooms is amidst the leading available on the market today. Every Toilet is hand-crafted along with all other pieces including Bidets, Bowls, Basins, Wash Stands to make sure utmost excellence. provide the full selection of ancillary items from Imperial Bathrooms including enclosures, accessories to finish your home.

No sanitary ware from Imperial is complete without the finishing touch of appropriate Taps & Wastes. The Imperial Bathrooms huge selection of Mixers. will complete any bathroom suite from Imperial or any of our many Manufacturers such as Heritage, Vitra, TC, Burlington, Duravit, Sanita, Phoenix, Dansani, Ideal Standard, Roca, Laufen.

The Furniture from Imperial add space saving to your Bathroom. The Mirrors offer an interesting way to style your Bathroom.

If you are creating your existing bathroom from new, consider a look through the entire range of Imperial Ceramic Tiles which are available in a wide selection of colours to match any Bathroom & En-Suite. Wall & Floor tiles are on offer with additional pieces such as: glass sheet wall tiles. The favourite Antique Crackle effect is one to consider.

Should you be looking for something a little different than the Imperial Bathrooms range Nationwide Bathrooms also have an extensive range of New Products  from Vado, Hudson Reed, Majestic, Aqualux, AquaDart, Crosswater, St James.

They supply Sanitaryware including: Basins, Wall Hung Wc, Back To Wall Bidets, Back To Wall Wc, Wc Units, Corner Wc, Complete Suites, Cloakroom Furniture, Taps & Wastes, Countertop, Corner Basins, Furniture, Wc Seats, Wall Hung Units, Basins.

The latest selection of Baths including: Hydraulic Baths, Wastes, Cast Iron Baths, Bath Screens, Straight Baths, Bath Panels, Acrylic Baths, Bath Feet, Bath Accessories, Double Ended Baths, Oval Baths, Steel Baths, Bath Wastes, Corner Baths, Bow Fronted Baths are also available

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Consider a Bathroom Suite from Imperial Bathrooms

If you have any queries please call us on 0845 095 5000.